We are a commercial / industrial photography and video production studio based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We have been working nationally and internationally for many years, focusing for the last two decades primarily on producing engineering, construction and architectural photography and video production for the purposes of business development for our clients.  Everything from project portfolios, corporate identity needs and segments for annual meetings.  We are also a top resource for Albuquerque Photography – Albuquerque stock photos.

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We have earned an enviable reputation by completing high priority photographic projects to our clients’ great satisfaction.  We work with a market that appreciates the heart we bring to a project and the depth of our involvement. We bring focus, competence, vision, imagination, esthetics and our commercial drive to exceed all expectations, meet the requirements, and leave the client genuinely impressed.  We have put together turnkey projects involving various kinds of presentations to both large and small audiences. Many projects have won awards. More importantly, they have helped achieve the goals our clients articulated.

We pride ourselves on having the depth of skills and wide variety of equipment necessary to best serve our clients. Our clients count on us and give us huge responsibilities.  We excel at taking a concept and providing a finished product.

We are very safety conscious, always bringing our own PPE to location shoots. We are also appropriately insured for the kind of work we do at construction sites, industrial facilities, and transportation projects.  Our clients include Kiewit, Turner Construction, HNTB, HDR, CH2MHill, PBS&J (now Atkins) and BNSF Railroad to name some.  We have an established reputation for adherence to nondisclosure agreements as well. If you want us to work on a proprietary project, hire us with confidence. Past proprietary projects include large law firms, major railroad companies, a paper mill, Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, Beaird Poulin Manufacturing, Miller Beer, Prudential Life, Phillips Petroleum and others.



John Yost

John Yost


John is the founder of Marble Street Studio. He began his career in Paris prior to moving to Dallas and eventually to Albuquerque, New Mexico. His experience encompasses every type of photography and specialty from portraiture, product and fashion to large architectural and engineering projects. Throughout his career, he has stayed ahead of the curve moving early from film to digital, and now stop motion and video. His understanding of his clients’ needs and his creative applications of cutting edge technology have kept the studio in the forefront of the industry for the past 30 years.

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