Marble Street Studio clientele; client testimonials cover a broad spectrum of businesses from entrepreneurial start ups to Fortune 500 companies, and from governments to non profit agencies. Some clients come to us with very specific requests that they want us to execute, while others come to us with a blank slate looking for ideas on how to craft a message they want to convey.

It felt like you read my mind and then made the idea even better. You not only created something absolutely beautiful and effective, but you also captured the essence of who and what we are. The video you made still moves me when I see it, and the web site is perfect. It didn’t take us long in this process to realize that someone in your position has to have not only the creative talent, but must also be able to listen, observe and ask questions. Chalk it up as another aspect of Marble Street Studio’s broad skill set. You are an asset to the community and we are so proud to be a customer and have your work representing us.

Dr. Margaret Nolan, MD

Owner, Hospice of New Mexico

“We can always count on the guys at Marble Street to deliver the photos and video we need on projects every time. They are a great team to work with and go above and beyond on every shoot, delivering work that exceeds our expectations.”

Susan Rhode

Senior Communications Manager, HNTB

“Somehow, you knew exactly what I was looking for.  You captured the essence of our very complicated organization in an understandable, engaging way.  Amazing!  I don’t know when I’ve been a part of a more productive and enjoyable collaboration.”

Leann Kemp

Communications Manager, New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority

“You guys blew my expectations out of the water.”

Wes Edling


“You took thoughts and words and ideas and turned them into a finished product that exceeded my best expectations. You brought our vision for our brand into reality. Exceptional work.”

Joan Sullivan

Director of Marketing, PNM

“The goal of our video was to convey an experience…  Why we do what we do versus what we do.  And you captured this brilliantly!  And never hesitate for a millisecond to give my contact information to a potential client for a referral.  Happy to do so.”

Jen Mulliniks

Vice President, HB Construction

Marble Street Studio clientele; client testimonials.  This page represents a limited cross-section of our customers.