Economic Development in ABQ (1:10)
Economic Development

Children’s Grief Center (3:28)
Fundraising / Non-profit

Charter Luxury Services (2:51)
Corporate ID / Brand

Hospice of New Mexico (4:34)
Corporate ID / Brand

Blakes Lotaburger (:23)

Hobbs Boys & Girls Club (3:20)
Fundraising / Non-profit

PNM (2:54)
Corporate ID / Brand

HELP Bail Bonds (:30)
Television Commercial

CLN Kids (3:11)
Fundraising / Non-profit

Visit Albuquerque (:37)
Social Media Ad

Blakes Breakfast Burrito (:36)
Social Media Ad

HoldMyTicket (1:33)
Corporate ID / Brand

Polished Concrete Company  (4:59)
Construction / Concrete polish process

3100 (3:33)
Architectural time-lapse

Holmans Technology Summit (:33)
Event Announcement

HNTB Dallas Horseshoe (5:28)
Construction Project / Design-Build

Captain Obvious – (:45)
Social Media Ad

Hinkle Law (:30)
Television Commercial

BSA Heart and Stroke (:30)
Television commercial

MFA Energy$mart (1:42)

Mortgage Finance Authority  (2:11)
Corporate ID / Brand

HB Construction (3:06)
Corporate ID / Brand

POS Lavu (1:19)
Corporate ID / Brand

Marble Street Studio is an Albuquerque video production company and commercial photography studio that has been working nationally and internationally for many years.  For the last two decades we have focused primarily on creating photography and video production for the engineering, construction, industrial and architectural sectors.  More recently, we have become the go-to video production company for local clientele as well, spanning the gamut of business types across New Mexico.

One of our more signature styles is to eliminate the need for spoken words in our video production.  Sometimes a client’s mission is so broad and comprehensive that the best way to represent them is to take the “less is more” approach.  Many of the current generation of video consumers have developed an ability to discern brand messaging without needing a lot of dialogue.  The result for our clients is a freedom to express their brand in a visually compelling way that doesn’t require a narrator to explain it.

But sometimes things need to be said, and so we do video production with spoken words too.  We have excellent sound gear to capture the nuances of those we record and interview.  We’re also very skilled at stringing ideas and music together in post production to create a story that flows naturally in the final edit.

We create video productions for the purposes of business development for our clients.  Everything from web site openers, social media channels, project portfolios, corporate identity needs, and segments for annual meetings.  Please take some time and explore the video productions we’ve put together.  You can see more of our video work on our Vimeo page and on our YouTube channel.

All videos copyright Marble Street Studio, Inc.  Albuquerque video production company.